A set of twenty seven facsimiles were printed to accompany the publication James Hutton’s Theory of the Earth: The Lost Drawings, published by Scottish Academic Press in 1978. Forty one drawings are illustrated in the book, part of a folio of seventy drawings discovered in 1968 having been lost since the 1790s. A limited number of these facsimiles are once again available for purchase singly, in groups or as a complete set. Please note that the original portfolio in which the prints were first presented is not available.

How to Buy:

Please send your order for the geology prints to me at and I will confirm price and provide quote for cost of postage. Please note that the amount of postage price will depend on where you live; in UK, Europe or elsewhere.

Discounts for quantity orders:
5 – 10 prints : 10%  
10 - 20 prints : 20%
Over 20 prints : 30%   

Please note that the three parts of the Salisbury Crags triptych are not available singly and count as one print.  

The entire Portfolio of 27 prints is offered at the Special Price of £250  

Copies of James Hutton’s Theory of the Earth: The Lost Drawings are available as the facsimiles, individually or as a set. See here for further details.

Methods of payment: Paypal or by bank transfer.